Step into the world of Vaastu. We believe that every that every human being is entitled to a happy life and this can be attained by living in a structure which is in harmony with the cosmic forces. Enrich your life with science that is aboutfive thousand years old and tells you how to tap the positive cosmic energy field which is omnipresent.

Vastu Services offered

  1. Selection of site/property suitable as per Vaastu principles
    Conceptualization of Map and Design
    The planing of Interior Designs & Colour-Schemes
    Periodic visits & supervision of Industries and offices
    Implementation of Vaastu principles without demolition
    Corporate logo analysis/designing as per Vaastu & feng shui
    Turnkey services for existing/proposed projects
    Vaastu Consultancy for Residential Properties
    Vaastu Consultancy for Commercial Properties